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New Method In Searching for Water on Mars

One of the major reasons why there is life on our planet has to do with the specific combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules to form a stable compound responsible for supporting life. Water is perhaps the most definitive sign for the presence of life and that is why scientists are hard at work ...

World's First 3D Printed Office

Three-D printed structures like homes or apartment buildings are not a surprise to most people. After all, various ambitious projects including structures constructions are underway. Most of the buildings only apply 3D printings for the exterior walls as a way of replacing concrete blocks usage or ...

3D Printed Greenhouse

What is 3D printing?Technological advances have made various amazing activities possible. One of these activities is 3D printing. This is a process through which solid materials are made from a digital file. Also known as additive manufacturing, this is a process whereby successive layers of materi ...

Solar Roads: Powering up the Roads for a Promising Future?

Scientists have spent a good part of their performance in the field trying to improve solar power to be used in practical instances in human living. Today, solar panels have not only been used for building up cost and energy-efficient roofing but also solar roads for residential and commercial purp ...